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3/30/2016 2:38:07 PM
Food Counter Attendant (NOC: 6641)
 Employer     : 426889 BC ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
 From         :
 City         : Penticton Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time & Part-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 3/30/2017
 Education    : Not required Experience:  Not required  
 Salary       : 11.50/Hour
 Description  : 426889 BC Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Business Address:
1077 Westminster Ave West, Penticton BC
#100-2695 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton, BC
1697 Fairview Road, Penticton, BC
8907 Main Street, Osoyoos BC
5717 Main Street, Oliver, BC
7710 Prairie Valley Road, Summerland BC
Title of Position: Food Counter Attendant (NOC: 6641)

Full Time: $11.50/Hour

Part Time: $10.50/Hour

Available Flex Wage and Guaranteed 40 hours/week all year round: $12.00/Hour

Up to $1.00 hourly incentive

Monthly bonuses for all Team Members

Benefits: Extended Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits

Christmas bonuses

Growth available within the company

Anticipate Start Date: As soon as possible
Location of Work: Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Summerland BC
Experience: Not Required
Education: Not applicable, Not required

Contact Information:
Please drop resumes off at the Penticton Tim Hortons


By Email:

By Fax: 1-778-476-5991
By Mail: 331 Martin Street Penticton, BC
V2A 5K6
TIM HORTONS- FCS JOB DESCRIPTION POSITION TITLE: FOOD COUNTER ATTENDANT REPORTS TO: STORE MANAGER NOC: 6641 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Create a positive experience for every customer, co-worker and supplier while working in the store. Supports the store in generating sales and maintaining reasonable cost control by following proper procedures. Prepares product as required, follows and maintains the store’s product sheets, produces less product more often throughout the day, and maintains a clean, sanitized work environment. RESPONSIBILITIES & TASKS: FOOD COUNTER ATTENDANT Customers are the focal point of our business; they are the staff’s number one priority. Every customer is regarded as a guest in our store and both the management and staff must ensure that their stay is always enjoyable. Product availability, appearance and freshness are very important to our customers. The ability to deliver on these three promises determines how well the store is able to generate sales. Makes a positive first impression: smiles, eye contact, tone of voice and thank you. Responds to customers with an appropriate sense of urgency. Suggests products, combos or sizes appropriately. Resolves customer concerns and complaints in a friendly manner. Communicates with management team regarding service related issues. Responds to requests from customers in a friendly manner. Communicates showcase needs to the baker and helps merchandise the product. Keeps the front counter/drive thru area organized, stocked and ready for rush. Thanks the customer for their business. Ensures that customers receive consistently fast and efficient service. Takes the extra step (i.e. help a customer carry his/her tray to her table) where it is appropriate. Cares for our customers and demonstrates this through behaviors shown while working. Follows proper cash procedures Follows all production policies and procedures on a consistent basis. Responds to showcase needs with an appropriate sense of urgency. Communicates any production-related issues with the supervisory team. Accurately and consistently updates the Production Tracking Sheet. Produces small batches throughout the shift and hence maintains the required freshness standards. Properly times production to ensure product availability. Uses only the approved techniques for producing all products. Receives deliveries and ensures that the temperature, quality and dates of the received products are correct. Prepares each product to ensure that the Tim Hortons quality & value standards are met. Adheres to product shelf life and minimum quantity standards. Adheres to proper start times. Prepares Glaze according to standards and properly finishes products. Prepares single serve desserts and decorates products as required. Completes Soup and Sandwich Prep as required the by the soup and sandwich module. At the end of the shift, ensures that the production area is cleaned and prepared for the next production employee coming in. QUALITY Tim Horton’s is known for always delivering both affordable and quality products to our customers. It is necessary that the quality of our products is not compromised. Always follows Tim Hortons standards and guidelines when preparing product for our customers. Ensures proper use of supplies and equipment while preparing the product. Prepares soups, sandwiches, bagels and accompaniments as required. Follows the order monitor to ensure correctness and completeness of each order. Delivers only accurate orders to our customers. Supports a "clean" dining environment through table clean up Records items produced and waste on the production sheet. Prepares coffee according to standard approved TDL procedures. Always records coffee times on the pots, and discards expired coffee. Minimizes food waste, through making smaller quantities of food more often throughout the day COST CONTROL Food is one of the store’s largest expenses. It is important, therefore, that it is always kept at reasonable levels. Ensures that the quantity of the product being prepared is consistent with the store product sales. Produces product more often throughout the day to better control product throws. Properly updates and maintains the store’s production tracking sheet. Uses the store’s Hot Button when appropriate. Monitors Freezer Product Inventory and submits order quantities. Regularly organizes freezer and rotates using the FIFO method. Closes all boxes/bags to protect product quality. EQUIPMENT Proper operating guidelines are outlined for every piece of equipment that is in our store. It is important that these guidelines and procedures are followed to ensure that customer receives product up to Tim Horton’s standards. Properly operates all equipment. Properly maintains and cleans all equipment according to maintenance and cleaning schedules. Records the freezer and fridge temperatures in the Temperature Log. FOOD SAFETY/SANITATION Food safety standards have to be followed, at every stage, leading up to the delivery of the final product to the customers. These standards and procedures cannot be compromised. Follows proper hand washing techniques; after each task, when using the restroom and other times, as appropriate. Follows the practice of "clean as you go". Ensures that food preparation areas are always kept clean. Regularly takes temperatures of the required product and records it in the Time & Temperature log. Employs FIFO (First in, First out) when retrieving product. Discards product that has expired and record the throws on the production sheet. Follows all sanitation guidelines as outlined by the manager - completes all assigned sanitation tasks. Follows all sanitation guidelines - completes all assigned sanitation tasks. Follows daily, weekly cleaning schedules for back of the house. SAFETY/SECURITY Every Tim Horton’s employee has the right to feel safe and secure while working. Properly and regularly uses all safety equipment. Only operates equipment if properly trained or as required by applicable laws. Follows safety procedures when cleaning/handling equipment and utensils. Follows the store’s cash handling procedures. Follows the store’s Back Door safety procedures. Reports all accidents, unsafe conditions, security incidents to management. Properly operates all equipment in a safe & orderly fashion as per guidelines. Follows safety procedures when cleaning/handling equipment and utensils. Properly informs fellow employees when the floor is being cleaned in the back of the house. ATTENDANCE Schedules are created to ensure that the store is able to meet customer service and secondary duty needs. When an employee is late or does not show up, it is difficult, for the remaining staff, to serve customers and carry out their secondary functions properly. Being consistently late, or missing a shift, is unfair to co-workers and customers. Arrives at the store prepared to work for the scheduled starting time. Works productively through the ending time of the assigned shift. Follows all break/meal period rules and time off requirements. Minimizes absences/tardiness; follows appropriate call-in/call-off procedures. APPEARANCE An employee’s appearance affects our customers’ perception of a store. It is important, therefore, that an employee follows the store’s uniform policy. Wears the uniform designated for their position (clean & pressed). Wears shoes as outlined in the uniform policy. Keeps hair clean and properly restrained. Maintains a neat, clean, and professional personal appearance. Keeps fingernails trimmed, clean and free of dirt and nail polish. TEAMWORK It is said that many hands make less work. This is especially true at Tim Horton’s. The systems, we have set up in our stores, make it necessary for employees to work together. Works together with other team members to provide the best possible service to our customers. Displays and maintains positive behaviors toward job and company. Helps to create a positive, harassment-free work environment. Carries out customer service and secondary duty tasks that are assigned during the shift. Reacts positively when asked to perform a special task or assignment. Is in constant communication with the fellow employees to ensure that proper levels of product are being maintained to meet customer demand. PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: Completion of the AF TIMS training program Observance of behaviors associated with job description Production/Product Tracking Sheet Utilization of the store’s HOT BUTTON Always Fresh Evaluation Report MINIMUM JOB ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Positive Team Player Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Able to work in a dynamic, fast pace environment. Ability to follow standards and direction. Able to work flexible days (including afternoons, overnights and weekends) Previous customer service experience considered an asset. Ability to multi-task and work in a dynamic environment Strong written and verbal communication skills Ability to work in a team environment Ability to follow guidelines and direction Previous experience considered an asset REQUIRED JOB COMPETENCIES: Exceptional integrity and reliability Consistent customer focus Action and results oriented Strong interpersonal skills Strong Communication skills (written, verbal)
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