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1/11/2017 10:56:32 AM
 Employer     : Haley Homes
 From         :
 City         : 155 Legion Rd North Etobicoke Job type:  Career
 Region       : ON Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 4/2/2017
 Education    : Not required Experience:  2 to 4 years  
 Salary       : Industry Standard
 Description  : Haley Homes – General Carpenter/Framer Position

Seeking Framers/Carpenters with 1-10+ years of experience. All levels of experience are needed. While wages are competitive with industry standards they are performance based and will be determined on site. Tardiness will NOT be tolerated. We are interested in workers who are motivated and passionate about their careers and future. Must have transportation or personal vehicle, as well as a cell phone and personal hand tools for framing. Working at Heights/fall protection, WHMIS and OHSA is also required (Training opportunities can be provided if it’s opportune for the company). Our corporate culture is one of perpetual learning and growth and we are looking for candidates who can uphold and practice these values Please contact me via text ONLY @ 647 884 9481. Please include your full name and level of experience (do not exaggerate as we will know right away and you will be asked to leave). I will likely return your message in the evening after work hours.

Our Goal:
We specialize in the new construction of wood framed structures with a dedication to building science and the creation of a superior product. Everything we do is attributed to working towards being a highly respected custom home builder and industry leader. We always look to exceed expectations and provide an unquestionable level of professionalism.
Job positions
1st term Framer-
Skills required – familiar and safe with the operation of both nail guns and saws. Able to cut accurately and quickly. Self-managed and eager to keep busy on the jobsite. Positive attitude and on the job to work hard and move quickly.
Duties – Cut and transport lumber, clean site, sheet floors, build walls, nail hangers, and assist senior carpenters with tasks.

2nd term Framer-
Skills required - Working knowledge of framing components such as floor and wall systems. Able to stay ahead of other framers and work efficiently with little prompting. Able to use the speed square and follow instructions when cutting roof rafters.
Duties – Build walls and floors as directed. Cut rafters as directed

3rd term Framer-
Complete understanding of basic framing components such as floor, wall and roof systems. Able to work unassisted and provide expected results when left with basic components and instructions. Working knowledge of structural loads and Ontario building code requirements. Some knowledge of drawings and sequences in framing. Confident roof and floor installer.
Duties – Build walls and floor systems with little supervision, direct helpers to create greater production. Install rafters and build roofs as directed.

4th term Framer-
Able to assist crew leaders with goals and results of less experienced framers. Must have a working knowledge of drawings and sequences in framing. Has the ability to cut for 2 guys on the roof and foresight to keep ahead of crew leader. Can reliably and competently produce results when unsupervised.
Duties – Complete tasks assigned by crew leader, motivates and instructs junior carpenters, and ensures a smooth and efficient building process is conducted.

Other Expectations:
-Abide by regulations outlined by the ministry of labour and company policy.
-WHIMIS and working at heights certification are a must.
-Hard-working and quick of your feet
-Eager and always looking for work
-Dedicated with a positive attitude

Tools: Tool pouch, framing hammer, nail puller, speed square, chalk line, 26’ imperial tape, pencils, harness and lanyard.

Terms of employment:
Full time position = 44hrs a week. 7am - 530pm. Monday to Friday and some Saturdays excluding stat holidays. Work attire will consist of hard hat, steel toe 8” high boots and full length pants. Must have a cell phone and personal motor vehicle. There shall be no alcohol or drug used before or during work hours.


Salary will be based in performance and determined on site.

Toronto and the GTA

Contact Information:
Cell: 647 884 9481 Please text ONLY: full name and experience
Email: – resume

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Derek Haley (Email address:


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