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11/21/2019 6:26:21 PM
Support Services Vice-President
 Employer     : Top Consulting Group Inc.
 From         :
 City         : Vancouver Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 2/27/2020
 Education    : University or above Experience:  5 years or above  
 Salary       : $45.00 hourly
 Description  : Top Consulting Group Inc. is a Canada based consulting firm that provides professional advice to individuals, families and organizations through visa applications, educational plans, business investments, home settlement and relevant program activities to enhance clients’ applications. We pride ourselves in helping clients find applicable programs and services tailored to their needs. We need a Support Services Vice-President to supervise clients’ applications involving highly complex investment and financial matters.
Duties and Responsibilities of Support Services Vice-President include, but not limited to:
• Organize, formulate and implement of Support Services’ plans, programs, and new strategies to generate revenues
• Advise, collect and organize on financial, investment and real estate aspects of company clients’ files to engender successful applications
• Allocate material, human and financial resources to implement organizational policies and programs;
• Implement financial and administrative controls; formulate and approve promotional campaigns; and approve overall personnel planning
• Manage establishment of company’s branch offices locally, and abroad
• Select and supervise middle managers and other executive staff
• Represent the company in negotiations or other business transactions and official functions
• Directly responsible in business development of business clients’ applications
• Ensure successful performance level in handling applications to established objectives
Work Experience:

• Minimum 5-8 years proven work experience as a Senior Manager
• Minimum 5-8 years proven skilled work experience in policy making
• Minimum 5-8 years proven skilled work experience managing company’s programs
• Minimum 5-8 years proven experience implementing company’s objectives
• Minimum 5-8 years proven experience advising company clients’ investment concerns
• Minimum 5-8 years proven experience handling company client’s financial matters

Position Criteria:

• Strategic thinking ability to formulate and implement new strategies
• Strong ability to align company objectives and strategies with positive outcomes
• Adept in organizational structuring and meeting company’s goals
• Highly skilled in handling company’s problem-solving and decision-making matters
• Goal-oriented and focused on results
• Possessed with high communication skills to provide leadership and motivate team work


• Being proactive, accurate, and detail-oriented
• Self-motivated and organized with all around interpersonal and communication skills
• Well-round team player
• Proven multi-tasking ability while maintaining quality performance levels

• A University degree in Economics or Finance, or in a related field with specialization in commercial real estate; Master’s Degree preferred
Work Language:
• Complete proficiency in English
• 10 days paid vacation per year plus bonus according to performance
How to apply:
Phone: 1-604-343-5689 Fax: 1-855-488-6717
Mailing Address: Unit 304-2309 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 2A3
Contact Person: Ms. Sophie Yan
Your resume will be carefully reviewed but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Please indicate your status (e.g. Citizen, PR, Work Permit) in submitting your resume.
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