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2/25/2020 5:13:45 PM
Retailing Supervisor
 Employer     : 677032 NB Inc.
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 City         : Rothesay Job type:  Career
 Region       : NB Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 9/1/2020
 Education    : College/Technical school Experience:  2 to 4 years  
 Salary       : 36750
 Description  : Company: 677032 N.B. Ltd is a retailing and food service business in Rothesay, NB. This Asian daily necessities retailing business is in demand of a full-time supervisor. Welcome submit your resumes and job applications to the business owner.
Location: Rothesay, New Brunswick
Job Type: full time Retailing Supervisor 6211
Starting date: no later than September 1, 2020
Duration: 2 years
Job duties: manage daily retailing section operation, manage inventories and storages, set up products files and fill information to online system, order inventories from suppliers, set up prices for products, develop new products according to customer demands, operate customer services and deal with customer claims, arrange working schedules for managed employees, monitor employees’ performances, submit work tasks to employees, recruit and train new employees, operate financial works include daily bookkeeping, make decisions for daily financial matters with authorization, pay business utilities expenses, maintain retailing business environment, ensure health environment and safe codes, plan for business development and marketing activities, operate online marketing activities and promote products to market, receive online orders from customers, arrange delivery services to customers, report business operation situations and sales data to business owner, assist owner work on business files, open and close store as business owner’s arrangement, operate retailing business relevant work tasks arranged by the business owner.
Salary: $20.00/hour and 36,750.00/year
Working hours: 35 hours/day
Lunch time: 1:30 to 2:00 pm paid lunch time
Probation term: 30 days
Overtime: 1.5 time of regular pay rate after 44 hours
Benefit: 10 days’ paid vacation
Requirements: at least 3 years’ retailing business management experience, post-secondary education experience, leading skills, good communication and interpersonal skills, and English abilities.
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