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A CBC news Business report by Don Pittis on finding a job.




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1/21/2021 12:15:34 PM
IT manager
 Employer     : Madoor Technologies Inc
 From         :
 City         : Vancouver Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 5/31/2021
 Education    : University or above Experience:  5 years or above  
 Salary       : $46.00-$48.00 per hour
 Description  : Madoor Technologies is a high-tech startup based in Vancouver. We are looking for a full-time IT Manager to join our development team. Your primary focus will oversee all activities in the IT department and ensure the department can provide proper services as required.

As part of the Ustarlinks team, you will be working with a team of smart, friendly, and dedicated Engineers, Product Managers, and Designers determined to deliver some of the best apps the market has to offer. You will get an opportunity to contribute at a level that is virtually indistinguishable from that of a full-time employee. We want you to be challenged and to get the full experience of what it’s like to work at Ustarlinks!

Your Responsibilities:

To oversee all activities in the IT department and ensure the department can provide proper services as required;
To lead the department mainly focus on B to B and C to C system plan and design, include APP (iOs and Android), web.
To formulate and execute work procedure and rules for the department;
To coordinate between the management team, clients, and colleagues, to lead the department to meet all stakeholders’ requirement with appropriate designs;
To make risk factor assessment for the project, to evaluate the level of difficulty, to assess the project timeline;
To propose to head office related to program development, risk factor assessment, level of difficulty, project timeline, department budget, and expense;
To ensure all approved proposals can develop and implement properly;
To evaluate, control and oversee the project progression, cost, and timeline;
To cooperate with the head office by hire, train and supervise computer science associated engineers and staff.

A Bachelor degree or above related to computer science is required;
Minimum of two years working experience related to APP development;
Minimum of five years of working experience as an IT manager;
Familiar with the Asian market;
Experience in the online education industry as an asset;
Fluent in English;
Strong communication and team-leading skills.
Additional information

Language of work: English
Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. with an unpaid one-hour lunch break
Benefits package offered: two weeks paid vacation, Health Benefits Plan
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